Unlockables – Fez Guide



Unlockables – Fez Guide

This page collects the various unlockables in


How to find an anti-cube in the seizure room under the bell tower

FEZ Secrets and Mysteries – Deciphering the Alphabet

For those looking for how to decipher the Euclideoglyph language from Polytron’s game FEZ into the English Alphabet, this video will show you where to find it and then how to decode it. Please, do not use this video to spoil yourself but to aid in the discovery of the puzzle itself. Use the pause button liberally!

The music is from the FEZ official sound track (OST) by 6955: http://polytroncorporation.com/fez-music
[MUSIC] ‘Two’

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Fez: Infinite Climb Walkthrough

How to solve the infinite climb room