Twitch Streaming Returns to the Xbox Dashboard


Twitch Streaming Returns to the Xbox Dashboard

Xbox users can once again stream to Twitch directly from the console dashboard, five years after Microsoft removed the feature.

Setting Up Twitch on Xbox

Recently Twitch and Xbox have made a super simple integration that makes streaming so much easier. Check it out!

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Twitch returns to Xbox dashboard

Twitch is returning to the Xbox dashboard.

The live streaming service was initially integrated into the Xbox One dashboard in 2014, and Microsoft has now decided to bring it back into the platform.

The new integration will be easy to use for gamers and will also be similar in terms of integration and webcam support as before.

And through the new Twitch integration, the gamers will be able to switch resolution and bitrates from 360p at 500kbps to 1080p at 6500kbps.

It’s also been revealed that Microsoft – the tech giant behind the Xbox brand – is supporting USB webcams as part of the new changes.

What’s more, most plug-and-play cameras ought to work with Twitch streaming.

Twitch streaming returns to Xbox dashboard

Microsoft is finally bringing back Twitch streaming to the Xbox dashboard. It’s available to Alpha and Skip-Ahead Alpha testers today, and here’s how it works.
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