Taking Cerberos for a Walk – Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide



Taking Cerberos for a Walk – Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide

Difficulty: 2 / 3Chest Reward: Nike

Taking Cerberos for a Walk – 100% Without Phosphor’s Clone – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Quick walkthrough of the Taking Cerberos for a Walk vault, without having to use Phosphor’s Clone ability. At minimum, you will need Herakles’s Strength unlocked to finish the vault, and Heavy Lifting and Ares’s Wrath to reach the Epic Chest.

Прогулка с Цербером. Immortals Fenyx Rising. Taking Cerberos for a Walk.

Immortals Fenyx Rising walkthrough on Nintendo Switch without commentary.

The fate of the entire world is at stake, and you are the last hope of the gods. The game character of the presented adventure action is Phoenix - a winged demigod. You will have to engage in battle with mythical creatures, along the way developing your legendary powers. Will you be able to defeat Typhon - the most dangerous titan of Greek mythology? Dive into a classic adventure with Golden Axe Warrior, a timeless RPG that challenges your skills and strategy.
Thanks to the special powers granted to you by the gods, you will be able to overcome heroic challenges and defeat mythical monsters. An amazing open world with vivid and detailed graphics spreads out before you. Immortals Fenyx Rising features seven unique regions that you can explore by air or on the ground. Become a true legend of ancient Greek myths by unlocking epic armor and enhancing your abilities. Don't forget about personalizing your character - give your hero the look you want.

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Taking Cerberos For A Walk Vault Walkthrough – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Walkthrough for Taking Cerberos For A Walk Vault in Immortals Fenyx Rising.
Treasure: Enduring Wisdom.