Individual Values – Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Guide



Individual Values – Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon Guide

Individual Values (or IVs) are a hidden set of stats that are randomly applied to each Pokemon upon receiving or capturing them. They are part of what makes

Best Battle Tree Team Strategy Guide – Win Battles EASY – Pokemon Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

Best Battle Tree Team Strategy Guide – Win Battles EASY – Pokemon Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays

Austin John Plays here and today we’re going to be going over my strategy for the Battle Tree. Breed some pokemon, beat the tree, and let’s get ready to get that BP for the next global link mission!

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As Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh had the Battle Tower, Unova had the Battle Subway, and Kalos had the Battle Maison, Alola has its own Battle Facility, but with a twist. This facility is the Battle Tree and is located just on the other end of Poni Gauntly. Here, you battle through numerous trainers, trying to get to the Battle Legend at the end, who introduced you to themselves as you entered, Red and Blue. As always, there’s the Standard Battle Tree battles, but when you hit a streak of 20, you unlock the Super Battles with tougher trainers and even appearances from Dexio, Sina, Wally, Grimsley, Colress & Cynthia who you will encounter every 10 battles.

There are three different styles of battle here: Single, Double, Multi. The rules are the standard flat rules of Pokémon battling, locking out specific legends and preventing two of the same Pokémon and item.

Like before, instead of going through rounds of seven trainers, you will just continue to battle until you want to take a break, or you lose. This allows for you to go at your own pace and you don’t forfeit anything by taking a break. In addition to that, you will receive at least 1 BP for every battle you win, straight after the battle with the value increasing as you get further into the streak. You get more if you take out the Battle Legends. Finally, you have the ability to change the battle music between multiple different tracks provided.

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon are the first set of Generation VII Pokémon games, coming for the Nintendo 3DS worldwide in 2016. Not much is known about these games yet, but they will come worldwide in 2016 and contain the addition of Chinese to the languages

In addition to this, there’s the capability of receiving data from Pokémon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow through Pokémon Bank into this game.

The game is to be set in the Alola Region, where there are numerous New Pokémon. It contains various improved graphical mechanics, as well as the return of trainer customisation. guide best battle tree team commentary pokemon sun walkthrough vgc 2017

Pokemon Sun and Moon – How To Get Type Null & Silvally EASY! [SM Tips & Tricks]

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Abdallah provides Tips and Tricks on how to get Type: Null and evolve it into a Silvally!
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Welcome to my Picture-in-Picture, HD Gameplay Walkthrough of the game Pokémon Sun And Moon for the Nintendo 3DS! Throughout this walkthrough, I’ll be showing viewers all of the new Pokémon as well as adventuring to the end of the game! I’ll be uncovering all of the secrets and providing tips and tricks along the way! If you’re excited for the game and want to see more, SMASH that LIKE button!
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Embark on a new Pokemon Adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of the Alola Region. Discover the Z-Moves and unleash these intense attacks in battle. Call upon Pokemon with Poke Ride to discover new areas across the region and take on the Island Challenge Trials to become the Pokemon Champion!

Choose one of three new partner Pokemon that will accompany you as you set out on an all-new adventure and discover new Pokemon and regional variant Pokemon in the Alola region. Catch and train Pokemon as you encounter Captains, and Kahunas of the 4 main Oslands of the region. Discover the mystery of the Legendary Pokemon while stopping Team Skull from causing chaos throughout the land!

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